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March: Roger

Posted 20-Mar-2018 by Norsewear

Hi my name is Roger and I’m a recently retired shearer from Taupo. I grew up in a family of keen fishermen. As kids, my cousins, brothers and I didn’t have a choice; you fished or you kept quiet and read a book. My dad and uncles would grab any opportunity to get away from the farm and head down to the lake for a few hours, or the South Island for a long weekend. 

We not only fished all over New Zealand, but Dad would organise annual trips to other parts of the world in search of a "big one". 

Growing up on a dairy farm with two older brothers had is pluses and its minuses. As the youngest, I was always the last when it came to hand me downs. Every time Dad bought a new Norsewear jersey or beanie, my brothers would get dads old ones and years later they would eventually give it to me. Eventually they both married and moved away, then it was just Dad and I who did the fishing trips. Sadly, he passed away several years ago but every time I pull on my Norsewear jumper and go fishing I think of him. 

God bless you Dad.