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September: Camino de Santiago

Posted 27-Sep-2018 by Norsewear

Sharon, Sharon and Karen - walking the Camino de Santiago.

Spain’s Camino de Santiago is an 800km pilgrimage across northern Spain following the way of St James. People have been walking it for more than 1000 years. There are places to stay every 10 or 15km and cafes every 5km. 

We walked the trail in winter, possibly not the best time to go but we thought why not give it a go. After a couple of months of training in our Norsewear socks we were off. 

The first day we walked from Pamplona to Puente la Reina, 23.8km along footpaths, lime walkways and roadsides, and across the Alto del Perdon at 750m. Not really planning on doing that distance everyday was a bit of a shock, but our feet coped okay - our Norsewear socks were working well.

We slept well and the next day we headed to Los Arcos 21.5km away. 

We stopped to admire Burgos Cathedral and to check out the city. Even though it was winter the weather was great, though cold in the mornings, and we
had no rain. 

At Leon we took the cross-country route instead of following the path next to the motorway. It was a great walk across huge plains with sunny blue skies. In a small town called Villar de Mazarife we found a Taverna for the night. 

The weather forecast mentioned snow, but we were assured it was too cold to snow, but it did. The Beast from the East had arrived, promising two weeks of snow. We didn’t have the right footwear for walking in snow, so we hopped on a train for Madrid, becoming tourists for the next three weeks, before joining my daughter in Morocco.

It was a great experience and I would love to go back to finish it if I get the chance. Our socks were perfect - none of us had any foot problems or blisters, and they dried quickly each night. They are still in use walking up Mt Whariti road a couple times a week.

sharon 2