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July: Gina

Posted 21-Jun-2018 by Norsewear

Kia Ora my name is Georgina. I currently work as the Sales and Marketing Strategist for ‘Wilderness’ and was asked to write a profile on Norsewear People.

When I was growing up in Timaru in the 1970’s my father Philip Evatt would wear Norsewear hats and gloves and in particular a green Norsewear jumper with a Nordic pattern around the neck.

He wore this down to the farm, skiing, and on a particularly memorable hunting trip. There is a photograph of him ‘in conference’ with his friends in the Manapouri and the deer they shot, showing him wearing the jumper. We were unable to locate it, so instead the photograph of me skiing at Round Hill in Lake Tekapo has taken its place.

The myth of the Manapouri has remained with me for my life invoking a place of mystery, as he passed away in early August 1979 at the age of forty four, leaving a widow and five children to invoke his memory.

The gloves, socks and ski hats were worn by all of us kids as we went skiing at Ohau, Lake Tekapo (Round Hill), Fox Peak and 

Mt Dobson. The flecked wool, although strong, was also comforting in that we remembered who wore them and where they had come from.

Many years later visiting Shetland with my mother we saw similar knitted garments in the local shops and found out that they had influenced the Nordic designers of Aotearoa, New Zealand.