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Introducing a new Kiwi classic: socks customised for you!

Posted 24-Jan-2017 by Norsewear

Kiwis are adventurers. We commemorate our triumphs, celebrate our wins. We’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt. But do you have the socks?


Using the latest fabric printing technology, Norsewear can now print any image onto merino wool, wool blends and synthetic fabrics. This is fabric printing, folks, but not as we know it. The laser printer injects dye into the sock, bonding with the fibres to create high resolution detailed images in full colour. The result is custom printed socks that are as durable as the fabric they’re printed onto.

So what are the limits we hear you ask? There are none. Detailed images, bring it on. Words, no problem. Rich vibrant colours, yes indeed. You’re only limitation is what you can imagine being printed on socks.


Custom printed socks only cost a little more than the price of standard socks. Minimum orders start at 200 socks, so they’re perfect for corporate or branded clothing, for producing runs of commemorative or novelty socks, for events, conferences or gifts. And because they’re Norsewear socks, you’re getting quality apparel and supporting your country by buying New Zealand made.

Customised socks will be available from March this year and you’ll be able to order them though the corporate inquires form on our website.

We recommend you send us high quality images for the best results. Now all you have to do is come up with an idea. How about bare feet?