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August: Coastal Camino Portuguese

Posted 10-Aug-2018 by Norsewear

We wanted a physical challenge while experiencing different cultures with a degree of independence. We chose the less-favoured Coastal Camino Portuguese and were not disappointed. This is known as a quiet and peaceful walk that eventually joins up with the Central Way at Redondela in Spain. We started at Matosinhos on the coast in the northern Porto district of Portugal.

We walked directly alongside the Atlantic and beside the mountains with spectacular scenery both on the coast and inland. Our paths varied from tarmac, to cobbles, boardwalks, Roman roads, to paths. We walked through woodland, pine and eucalyptus plantations, and through Medieval hamlets and larger villages. We discovered stunning fishing villages, sandy beaches, enjoyed local cuisine and wines. Some days were so quiet we walked entirely on our own for several kilometres. This changed as we met up with the Central Way and the journey became much busier.

We crossed into Spain by taking a water taxi at Caminha across to A Guarda. The journey was well-marked with yellow arrows and sometimes scallop shells attached to posts, walls or crosses. The days varied from 13-28km with many ups and downs. Nothing was really difficult. We met many fellow Pilgrims and shared stories of our different experiences.

We reached our destination of Santiago de Compostela in Spain after 15 days, feeling exhilarated and successful.

Story and photos supplied by Val Jones.


Capuchos Convent 017

Camino Final Day 014