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April: Canada

Posted 23-Mar-2018 by Norsewear

Hi, my name is Tanya and I am a farmer from Kitscoty in Alberta, Canada with a population of 930. I came and worked in New Zealand a few years ago on a goat farm in a little town called Tirau, which, surprisingly, has about the same population as Kitscoty. Our hosts, Kylie and Riemer Van Besterveldt, would show us around and take us out whenever they could. One of their favourite spots was a little place called Norsewood, population about 300 and where all the Norsewear products they had given us to wear on the farm were made. We met some cool people and had such a fantastic time in New Zealand. Sadly, the year went by so quickly, but I made sure that just before I left I squeezed in one last trip to Norsewear to buy a bunch of gear from the shop to take home for family and friends who are now all Norsewear converts. These are honestly the warmest socks and gloves we've ever had, and the wind-blocker jumpers are just incredible. With the -30C weather we get here, we absolutely need and love them. Thanks again to Kylie and Riemer for all the wonderful memories, thanks to Norsewear for such amazing products, and thanks New Zealand - what a beautiful country. 

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