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Questions with answers as reliable as your Norsewear NZ work socks.

When you’re hard at work, you don’t want cold wet feet. You’ll get a sniffle, health and safety will have a bunch of questions, and your only answer will be, “I’m wearing plastic socks, Sir.” Norsewear work socks are woollen and will keep your feet dry and warm. They’re reliable, like these frequently asked questions.

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  • Where are your materials sourced from?

    Our high-quality wool is sourced from New Zealand sheep where possible.

    Learn more on the Materials page.

  • How do I clean my down jacket and merino garments?

    Norsewear down jackets and merino products can be cleaned in a washing machine, although special care is required.

    Down Jacket – Washing machine instructions
    It is important to wash your down jacket periodically (no more than twice a year).

    1. Brush off loose mud/dirt
    2. Do up zips, velcro and close flaps
    3. Turn jacket inside out
    4. Wash with a specific cleaner developed for washing down or technical outerwear
    5. ONLY wash the down jacket in a front loader – top loaders can damage your jacket
    6. Make sure your detergent compartment of your washing machine is clean of residue
    7. Set the machine to a cold wash or wool cycle
    8. Set machine to rinse a few times on the gentlest spin cycle to make sure no detergent remains on the down
    9. DO NOT air dry, the down feathers can clump together and start to smell, dry only in a tumble drier at a low heat. High heat can ruin the outer shell fabric.
    10. Adding tennis balls into your drier stops the feathers from clumping together

    Merino – Washing machine instructions
    Hand washing is recommended but you can wash Norsewear products in your washing machine – check the product tag to make sure.

    1. Wash like colors together (e.g separate lights and darks)
    2. Close all zippers
    3. Use warm or cool machine wash on a wool cycle max 30oC
    4. Use wool liquid detergent
    5. DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener
    6. DO NOT soak your garment
    7. Wash occasionally with denim (e.g. jeans with the zipper closed) or other coarse fabrics to remove any loose fibers i.e. pilling
    8. DO NOT iron prints or labels
    9. Line dry garments – do not tumble dry.